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Green Zone [2010]

Genre: Drama, Action, Thriller

Rating: 8/10.

Compelling story about the US forces take on the Iraq situation. Paul Greengrass handles the story well by tapping into the conspiracy which devours us, and Matt Damon is good at his antics. If you liked The Hurt Locker, you should like this. Its somewhat similar along the same line.


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Paths of Glory [1957]

Genre: War, Drama

Rating: 9.5/10.

WOW! Never discriminate a movie by color. If you do, you are making a big mistake. This movie is a prime example. It was Stanley Kubrick’s first masterpiece. One of the best war movies of all time. Kirk Douglas is great and the cinematography looks so good even in black and white. Some unforgettable scenes in the movie, along with a touching ending. Mandatory viewing.

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