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Ip Man 2 [2010]

Genre: Action, Biography, Drama

Rating: 8/10.

Following the sequence of the first movie, Ip Man now is settled in Hong Kong and continues his legacy over there. The action scenes are a little wired, but still great to watch. Donnie Yen is still in top form. There’s a brilliant fight scene featuring Ip Man and Hong. And the final fight between Ip Man and the English boxer. The ending is a little bit of Rocky IV. But the movie is still a treat to watch.


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Ip Man [2008]

Genre: Action, Biography, Drama

Rating: 8.5/10.

One of the best martial arts movies of the last decade. A tale about Yip Man who was the first martial arts teacher who taught Wing Chun. Donnie Yen is brilliant as Yip Man; just watch his fists move up, down, left and right like a machine. Not sure how much of the story is actual truth, but the action scenes are fantastic. Bruce Lee was his actual student in real life.

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