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Rush [2013]

Genre: Biography, Drama, Action

Rating: 8.5/10.

I’ve seen a lot of great movies in the past one month. And this one is among the best. Got to love Formula 1 movies, one of the greatest rivalries that F1 has witnessed, between James Hunt & Niki Lauda.. Great direction by Ron Howard. And well portrayed by the actors. Among the two finest Formula 1 movies/documentaries seen, hard to pick which is better.. Senna or Rush..


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Statutory Warning: This film is to be watched in 3D under all circumstances.

Leave it to James Cameron to pull off the most amazing movie this year, by taking it to a whole new level. With Avatar, he recreates the magic that he did with the Terminator movies and Titanic in the previous decades.

The movie is set in the year 2154 on a distant planet called Pandora where the humans (known as Sky People to the Na’vi’s) have set foot to obtain a rare mineral that could help solve the energy crisis back on Earth. However the armed forces find themselves an obstacle – the Pandora’s population, the Na’vi, who are a set of tall, nature loving people. The scientists have devised a plan to recreate the Humans to Na’vi’s called as Avatars.

The main character Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) is crippled. He signs up for the program because his Avatar enables him to walk. During his mission as a spy, he meets the the general’s daughter Neyitri (Zoe Saldana), and inevitably falls in love with her. In his alternative world, he is forced by Col. Miles Quatrich (Stephen Lang) to force the people to move from their habitats so as to pave the way for the mining to proceed. Sully has a sudden change of heart when he learns that their civilization will be destroyed in order for the mission to succeed. He teams up with Dr. Grace (Sigourney Weaver) and some other members and forms his own army to fight back the Humans.

Cameron introduces technology in a whole new light that leaves you in a trance wondering whether that you are on Earth anymore or on Pandora. The visual delights – The Na’vi people, the mountains, the recreated animals, the scenery and the whole planet itself, leave you nothing short of speechless. Cameron has taken pain not to eliminate a single detail, the minutest of visuals are a delight to watch and a feast to the eyes. The sound effects is pretty good. But it will take years again to come up with what Cameron just succeeded in creating. Cameron uses technology that is light years ahead of us. His dream of 15 years doesn’t go to waste.

The only shortfall of this movie is it doesn’t have that great of a storyline and the ending is predictable. And there’s also a villain who just refuses to die. But whatever downfalls, the movie makes it up with its breathtaking graphics and SFX, and when you come out of the cinema hall, you will be nothing short of mesmerized. The movie is almost 3 hours (162 minutes, to be precise), but it doesn’t seem so at even a single point.


Rating: 9/10

My Wishlist:

Want to watch a film that is directed together by James Cameron, Christopher Nolan, Peter Jackson, Michael Bay and Roland Emmerich.

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