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Ip Man 2 [2010]

Genre: Action, Biography, Drama

Rating: 8/10.

Following the sequence of the first movie, Ip Man now is settled in Hong Kong and continues his legacy over there. The action scenes are a little wired, but still great to watch. Donnie Yen is still in top form. There’s a brilliant fight scene featuring Ip Man and Hong. And the final fight between Ip Man and the English boxer. The ending is a little bit of Rocky IV. But the movie is still a treat to watch.


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Argo [2012]

Genre: Drama, History, Thriller

Rating: 9.5/10.

Magnificent movie which leaves you asking for more. Ben Affleck is turning out to be one of the finest director of this generation. The last half an hour of this movie is breathless. Don’t miss it under any circumstances. Shame it was played at only around 4 theaters in Bangalore.

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