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Blue Valentine [2010]

Genre: Drama, Romance

Rating: 6/10.

Very hard hitting movie about a married couple and how they deal with themselves over time. I don’t prefer such movies, but the acting from both the leads are brilliant. Ryan Gosling is one of the most versatile actors today. He’s the DiCaprio of this decade. And Michelle Williams certainly deserved the Oscar nomination she got for this movie.


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Green Zone [2010]

Genre: Drama, Action, Thriller

Rating: 8/10.

Compelling story about the US forces take on the Iraq situation. Paul Greengrass handles the story well by tapping into the conspiracy which devours us, and Matt Damon is good at his antics. If you liked The Hurt Locker, you should like this. Its somewhat similar along the same line.

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Submarine [2010]

Genre: Drama

Rating: 7.5/10.

Great direction with not so much great characters. If you like watching unconventional movies that stray away from the usual path, then this one’s for you. Its beautifully shot and there’s some British jokes thrown in as well. Good watch.

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Ip Man 2 [2010]

Genre: Action, Biography, Drama

Rating: 8/10.

Following the sequence of the first movie, Ip Man now is settled in Hong Kong and continues his legacy over there. The action scenes are a little wired, but still great to watch. Donnie Yen is still in top form. There’s a brilliant fight scene featuring Ip Man and Hong. And the final fight between Ip Man and the English boxer. The ending is a little bit of Rocky IV. But the movie is still a treat to watch.

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Senna [2010]

Genre: Sport, Biography, Documentary

Rating: 9/10.

It was a co-incidence that this movie completed downloaded on May 1. Senna died on that day 18 years ago. He remains one of the greatest drivers F1 has ever seen. A documentary on his career and his rivalry with Alain Prost. Its just perfect. The last 10 mins are heart wrenching. If you are F1 fan or not, you HAVE to watch this movie.

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