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The movie starts of well with excellent wit and moves along a pretty good pace that sets up the rest of the movie. 3 Idiots is all about 3 friends – Rancho, Raju and Farhan (Aamir Khan, Sharman Joshi and R Madhavan respectively) who have been accepted into a prestigious institute and set about to pursue their dreams.

The three lead actors share excellent chemistry, along with the authoritarian principal Viru Sahastrabuddhe (Boman Irani) and the ever competing bookworm Chatur Ramalingam (portrayed by Omi Vaidya) in an excellent role that gives life to the movie. The humor is pretty good in the movie. And the way the director has managed to intertwine both comedy and sentiments subtly is applaudable.

Going to the negative aspects, I felt that some of the humor has been taken up shrewdly from the internet, the scenes which include Rancho pawning the campus director after his speech about his acclaimed astronaut pen, and then there’s the scene where Rancho mixes up their exam papers among the pile of papers of other students. These jokes have been doing rounds on the internet for years now.

Then there’s the need to insert a love story into the movie in the most conventional way possible. The usual bollywood type love story, the girl (Pia played by Kareena Kapoor) doesn’t like the guy at first. And then the hero manages to weave magic (Chamatkaar or Balatkaar, choose for yourself) around her which leaves her intoxicated enough to fall for our irresistible Rancho.

Hirani also manages to push the limits a li’l far with some scenes, there is a scene wherein Rancho tries to extract a baby using a vacuum cleaner which he manages to assemble all and well within a few mins when our woman is in deep pain (literally), and then there is the succeeding scene where the baby isn’t breathing. However, it comes to life when everyone starts chanting the tagline ‘Aal izz well’… (really???)

The rest of the movie is well done which still makes it a full paisa vasool movie despite the flaws. Well written and most importantly surpassed by better acting by the actors who make up the movie. It would have been awesome if the the writer had managed to come up with some more original ideas. But still 3 idiots is one of the better Hindi cinemas this year. This is definitely not Hirani’s best work, but one of the better one’s indeed!!!

Rating – 7.5/10

However 7.5 is in no way a bad rating at all. There will always be talk about how movies aren’t supposed to be taken too seriously, which is absolutely true. But in the end, its the feeling that you walk out with, that will define your contentment.
If you read this review, you will find most of it is filled with negative aspects. The reason being, the rest of the movie is truly excellent, laced with sentiment and humor, which is a definite watch. Watch it!!


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Statutory Warning: This film is to be watched in 3D under all circumstances.

Leave it to James Cameron to pull off the most amazing movie this year, by taking it to a whole new level. With Avatar, he recreates the magic that he did with the Terminator movies and Titanic in the previous decades.

The movie is set in the year 2154 on a distant planet called Pandora where the humans (known as Sky People to the Na’vi’s) have set foot to obtain a rare mineral that could help solve the energy crisis back on Earth. However the armed forces find themselves an obstacle – the Pandora’s population, the Na’vi, who are a set of tall, nature loving people. The scientists have devised a plan to recreate the Humans to Na’vi’s called as Avatars.

The main character Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) is crippled. He signs up for the program because his Avatar enables him to walk. During his mission as a spy, he meets the the general’s daughter Neyitri (Zoe Saldana), and inevitably falls in love with her. In his alternative world, he is forced by Col. Miles Quatrich (Stephen Lang) to force the people to move from their habitats so as to pave the way for the mining to proceed. Sully has a sudden change of heart when he learns that their civilization will be destroyed in order for the mission to succeed. He teams up with Dr. Grace (Sigourney Weaver) and some other members and forms his own army to fight back the Humans.

Cameron introduces technology in a whole new light that leaves you in a trance wondering whether that you are on Earth anymore or on Pandora. The visual delights – The Na’vi people, the mountains, the recreated animals, the scenery and the whole planet itself, leave you nothing short of speechless. Cameron has taken pain not to eliminate a single detail, the minutest of visuals are a delight to watch and a feast to the eyes. The sound effects is pretty good. But it will take years again to come up with what Cameron just succeeded in creating. Cameron uses technology that is light years ahead of us. His dream of 15 years doesn’t go to waste.

The only shortfall of this movie is it doesn’t have that great of a storyline and the ending is predictable. And there’s also a villain who just refuses to die. But whatever downfalls, the movie makes it up with its breathtaking graphics and SFX, and when you come out of the cinema hall, you will be nothing short of mesmerized. The movie is almost 3 hours (162 minutes, to be precise), but it doesn’t seem so at even a single point.


Rating: 9/10

My Wishlist:

Want to watch a film that is directed together by James Cameron, Christopher Nolan, Peter Jackson, Michael Bay and Roland Emmerich.

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Google DNS

Google recently launched their own DNS service, which they proclaim will make web surfing faster, safer and more reliable than the present Open DNS service.

Generally, the DNS server is maintained by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), but now Google has introduced this feature by which you can instruct your computer to use the Google’s DNS server instead of your Open DNS.

So for those of whom are keenly waiting to experience this new service, follow the below mentioned steps to make a switch to Google DNS.

1. Open Control Panel and go to Network Connections

Network Connections

2. Open Local Area Connection and go to Internet Protocol properties.

Internet Protocol


Change the preferred DNS server address to
Change the alternate DNS server address to


4. Click on Ok and close the window.

To test the Google DNS server:

1. Open command prompt window.

2. Type ipconfig /flushdns

3. Type nslookup http://www.msn.com

If the details are displayed correctly, your DNS server is up and running and you are good to go 🙂 🙂

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